Monday, April 21, 2014

What I Thought When I Got My First Real Piece Of Lolita

As mentioned before, my first piece that I acquired for my wardrobe was a hard to work with wa lolita piece. However, I loved it nonetheless at the time, and my main thoughts were mostly comprised of wishes and dreams of how I would look like a Japanese Western infused *princess desu*. Yes, as embarrassing as it could potentially be, those were my weeaboo thoughts before trying on my first lolita piece.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Antique Mall And Karaoke Lolita Meetup

The past weekend, I got to experience an amazing meetup with my local girls. Skip through the cut below for some photos of the great finds and fun that we had. <3
Jsk: Bodyline l445
Blouse: Bodyline l009
Tote: Forever 21
Rosette: mossbadger
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Hat: ebay
Boots: Rack Room Shoes

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's In My Lolita Closet, But I Haven't Worn Yet!

When I first got into lolita, I almost never had items that went unworn for more than a week or two. Now, I have several items sitting on the back burner, waiting for a good occasion! Below are the items which I'm waiting for the right time to wear them.~
Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic OP
I know that some people dislike the dress because of the lime green in the print, but I love the piece so incredibly much. I now own the piece in the above colorway, and I'm very satisfied with the way the piece fits me, so I'm just waiting now for a 'sweet' opportunity to wear it out. I had originally anticipated wearing the dress to a cherry blossom festival in my area, but alas, I was too worn out from being burned at work that week so I wasn't able to attend.
Ista Mori Captain Mia Jsk
The above dress, which arrived in the mail for me within the last week, is actually my first dress to buy from Taobao, and I'm so incredibly pleased with the quality of my find that I'll likely post a detailed review within the next few weeks. I'm going to wait until the days get somewhat hotter (which won't be long given that I live in Alabama), then I'll wear the dress likely with a boater hat that I have coming in the mail right now.

Okay, so this jsk technically isn't in my closet yet, but the dress will likely arrive within the next week. Even though I had recently ordered, I decided to also purchase the Chocoberry jsk in beige to hopefully wear to a berry picking meet up during the coming summer.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Lolita Wishlist For 2014

I'm consistently surprised that one of the most popular posts on my blog is old my lolita wishlist that I wrote for the 30 Day Lolita Challenge in 2012. Many of the items on that list, while I think having them would be nice, aren't currently items that I'm searching for any more. The main things I still want off of my original list are a pair of tea party shoes and rocking horse shoes, actually! I eventually got the Sweetie Cakes tights, so I guess one of ten isn't bad, right?

Anyway, I'd like to cease my rambling and launch into a post highlighting some of my current wishlist pieces. ^_^

1) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut

When this piece went live in 2013, I was wrapped up in working on graduating from college, job searching, then working said job which was a big adjustment from my previous schedule. While I vaguely remember seeing the print, I emerged from my busy schedule to find the piece had already been released and became highly sought after. I'm not shocked, the detailing is amazing and even little cutlery hang from the waist bow. ;A; I really want to own some version of the dress likely in either cream or brown, but I haven't made a decision between the regular jsk or the babydoll cut dress.
2) Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival

Another highly sought after Angelic Pretty piece that I was so much. I first saw the dress while attending Frill last year, and I felt regret for not purchasing while I had the chance to do so. I would love to own the tiered jsk in either the lavender or black colorway.

3) Haenuli Royal Kitten

I actually got to see the print in person with Haenuli herself wearing it. <3 I want the royal blue colorway of the piece as the idea of regal cats and, well, just cats in general, has been on my mind a lot lately.

4) Haenuli Enchanted Fawn

Enchanted Fawn is another piece that I regret not jumping on and ordering when I had the chance to order. I'm in love with sylvan prints in general, especially those with deer and squirrels, though I have yet to own anything with deer printed on yet! If I could choose any version, I would love to get the OP in fawn color. <3

5) Vivienne Westwood 3 Strap Elevated

How could I not feel like the princess of a land in shoes like these? I have yet to see them in person, but I'm actively on the hunt to get the shoes in either white or pink.

6) Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Ultragirl Medallion Flats

I recently purchased my first pair of Melissa shoes while out browsing my local Rack Room Shoes. Wow. The shoes are so incredibly comfortable while being cute, perfect for everyday wear. I can only imagine how awesome the collaboration line is, and I can see myself wearing the ballet flats both in everyday life and at lolita meetups where I know I'll be walking a good bit.

7) Metamorphose Temps De Fille March of the Ducks

I have watched both the skirt and jsk of the series slip past my again and again much to my frustration. I love the cute little ducks around the border of the print, so maybe one day I'll actually be the first person to comment on a sales post for the piece.

8) Metamorphose Temps De Fille Cats Bubble Bath

[cries internally] Yet another piece that I choked on buying then ending up missing out on around the holiday season 2013. I'd love to have the shirring skirt so much with the ludicrous cats that are happy to be in water.

9) Chess Story Madomoiselle et Macaron 

I've been really craving a chocolate themed print lately which I'll blame on my recent interest in otome kei. One chocolate themed piece in particular that I'd love to have would be Chess Story's jsk centered around delicious, delicious chocolate.

10) Chocolate Themed Tights or Socks

Pretty self explanatory, right? I'd just love to own some chocolate themed tights to go with the chocolate dress I want. A particular example are the Emily Temple Cute chocolate socks.

Finally, thank you for reading me ramble on about my lolita wishlist! I hope I'll be able to at least get a few of the above pieces in the near future. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Mossbadger Rosette

Mossbadger is a small indie brand which makes beautiful rosettes that I've tended to rave about wanting for a while now. Many times, the rosettes that she posts instantly sell out with only a few lingering to sell out a couple of weeks later. I recently happened to be on Facebook to see her announcement of a new batch of rosettes going live, so I jumped on the opportunity. Today, I'd like to do a short review of a rosette that I received.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Wardrobe Turnover

Since I've gotten into lolita, I've sold a very small amount of the items that I acquired. All of them have been pieces which did not fit me properly in the slightest, though I still have a couple of pieces I'd like to get rid of lurking in my closet.
The parka contained in the Candy Sprinkle salopette set was definitely too small for my bust, so I sold it recently. 
This BtSSB shirring cutsew claimed to fit an 80 to 110 cm bust and a 60-104 cm waist. I guess if by 'fit' you mean, 'look like a strange lolita crop top', then yes, the fit was excellent.  
I sold this skirt recently as, even though I technically fit into the piece, the item was much larger than my measurements and tended to hang much more on my hips than serving well as a high waisted skirt. 
I also had a pair of shoes which were my first lolita shoes from Bodyline that were a size 26.0. I mis-measured myself completely as I now know that I'm a 24.5 in Japanese shoes. 

As far as my more 'normal' clothing is concerned, I have a tendency to over buy cheap video game t-shirts which then end up being seldom worn since I tend to dress in lolita or fairy kei style clothes on the weekend while wearing other clothing for work. I'm actually in the process right now of donating a large amount of clothes that I no longer get any wear out of to Goodwill so that I can make room for new more work appropriate and cute clothes.

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Plus Size Fashion in Japan: More Dreamv Plumprimo Releases

I know I only just recently published an article talking about the premier of the plumprimo line at DreamV, but I have to share more of the items that have gone live on the site already since the launch! I'm just loving the collection so far, so I'd like to share some more items that I've seen crop up so far.